Ekaterina Aleksandrovskaya and Harley Windsor: We train equally — 3 months — in Australia, 3 months — in Russia

World Champions 2017 among juniors in pair skating, Australian figure skaters Ekaterina Aleksandrovskaya and Harley Windsor took third place in the Nebelhorn Trophy series in German Oberstdorf, thus they were successfully qualified for the 2018 Olympic Games in Korea. After their free program skaters shared their impressions with Lyudmila Orlova , — for Alexei Zubakov’s Sports Agency

— You sketed purely both programs. How could you cope with your emotions during such an important start?

Harley: Actually, I’ve never worried so much in my life, as during these competitions. We have done great job over the past two years, we have been very long in reaching this result, and this success for us is the result of our endeavor.

Ekaterina: To be honest, we were very worried, especially before the short program. We’ve never skated a short program last in turn, and during warm-up we were worried so much. But somehow we were able to prepare so well for this performance, that everything turned out literally automatically. I also have such a trait — I’m always very nervous about the first element, then we successfully do the twist lift, and excitement goes away immediately, and I start to think about the next element.

— Is this the case like at the last final of the junior Grand Prix, when the twist lift failed and then everything went a little differently, not according to plan?

Ekaterina: In principle, yes. But then we arrived from Australia right after the nationals [December 2016], so we got two events in a row and the flight itself was very troublesome. And the competition wwss very important for us, — after all it was the Grand Prix finals. I could not even dream about it earlier (smiling).

— Harley, figure skating is not a typical kind of sport for Australia. Рow did it happen that you became a figure skater?

Harley: Actually, it turned out quite by accident. I was 9 years old boy, when my mother and I went somewhere by car and accidentally we turned the wrong way and found ourselves at the rink. It was something unusual for me, and I asked, if it is possible for me to skate. We rented skates, I tried to skate a little, and it was just cool! Then I went there next week, and a week later, and I really liked everything, — and that’s how everythig had happened (smiling).

— This year, your short and free program turned out to be very interesting. Could you tell us more about the choice of music, about characters on the ice?

Ekaterina: The Short program (Paint it Black, Hidden Citizen) is a remix of the Rolling Stones’ composition. The piece was chosen by Galina Pashina, our coach’s wife. I liked this music very much it is so powerful, so «dark» — somehow I realized that it is for me. We try to convey these powerful emotions on the ice.

And music for our free program was advised by our second coach, — it is the soundtrack from the «Mask» movie. Everything were just like it the movie on the ice: my partner was crazy man, who put on a mask, and I seduced him. This program differs very strongly from our previous programs: it contains more transitions between elements, more complicated choreography. Generally we try to pay more attention to the components now. Last year, we skated together only the first season, and the technical score was more important for us, as well as clean elements performance, and now we are trying to develop, work with each other, and not just to skate by the hand and perform the elements.

— How do you divide your practice: how much practice do you have in Moscow, and how much in Australia?

Ekaterina: We divide practice equally: 3 months — in Australia, 3 months — in Russia. We share the same Nina Mikhailovna Mozer’s skating rink with Yevgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov from in Moscow.

In Australia we also have good practice conditions. Of course, not as chic as in Moscow, but the ice still good, — you can skate and everything is there. Ice rink director gives us a lot of support, always tries to make concessions to us and provide us as much ice-time as possible.

— What are your nearest plans?

Ekaterina: Now we are stay in Oberstdorf and plan to have practice here for two days, then we fly to Poland [Gdansk] at the junior Grand Prix stage. Then we’ll go to Moscow and then will be in Australia for about three weeks .

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